Saturday August 27, 7pm: Gilles Dauvé, ‘When Insurrections Die’

On Sat, August 27th, we will be reading Gilles Dauvé’s “When Insurrections Die”, otherwise known as “Fascism and Anti-Fascism”. The text was first published in 1979. Please read in advance, as we won’t be reading aloud. Print Pdf is here:  Dauvé – when insurrections die. A read version is here.

The text is controversial, and has provoked much debate on the far left/anarchist/antifascist circles. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Dauvé, its worthwhile to challenge our perspectives by consulting principled and partisan debates from previous cycles of struggles. See you then!

Thurs Aug 10, 2017: Furio Jesi, “The Suspension of Historical Time”

After a short hiatus, the Worlds Apart reading group is back. On Thurs Aug 10, we will be reading “The Suspension of Historical Time”, the second chapter from Furio Jesi’s 1969 book, Spartakus: The Symbology of Revolt. This time, we ask that you come to the meeting having already read the text, as we won’t be reading aloud. A color zine version of our selection is here: [READ / PRINT]. A simple, low-ink black and white PRINT version is here. A pdf of the full book is here. Some questions to think about:

How does insurrection reorganize our experience of time, choice, personal and collective symbols, and linguistic expression? What relation to truth, to oneself, the world and others, does it bring forth? Can insurrection form a part of a longer term strategy, or is there something that is fundamentally incalculable about it as an event? If so, what are its internal dangers and risks, and how can we enter moments of insurgent revolt with an eye to overcoming them? 

If you are enticed by the selected reading, we recommend the third chapter, “The Symbols of Power” as supplementary reading.