Dawn of Everything Reading Group

Reading Group for The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow

David Graeber’s final book, in collaboration with archeologist David Wengrow, is an intellectual event with profound implications for everyone organizing for a revolutionary transformation of human life.

This Reading Group is a collaboration between Symbiosis, Inhabit: Territories, and Building the Commune.

Schedule: Weekly on Monday evenings from 8:30-10pm EST / 5:30-7pm PST starting January 3, 2022. Each week, we will begin with a brief presentation of the argument of the chapters under consideration followed by a group discussion.


11/21/20 5:00pm Virtual Winter Reading Group

Join us this Saturday at 5pm for the first installment of Building the Commune’s virtual monthly winter reading group!

Guns and cars are central figures of American society. How has their increasing presence on the streets transformed how we understand politics, tactics, and strategy? Please read At the Wendy’s: Armed Struggle the End of the World and Guns, Cars, Autonomy: On the Finer Points of the Recent Revolt in Ferguson, MO and come prepared with at least one question, comment or paragraph to share. @buildthecommune for details.


On Sunday, April 19, we will be joined by historian Robert Ovetz, who will discuss his recently published book, When Workers Shot Back. Class Struggle from 1877 to 1921. The main reading will be the introduction to the book, available here: Ovetz – When Workers Shot Back – Intro

Condensed versions of the chapters on wildcat strikes and the Seattle 1919 general strike can be found here:



We will meet at Floods Hall. Bring snacks!

This event is sponsored by Railway Workers United.

January Reading: Frederic Neyrat, THE UNCONSTRUCTIBLE EARTH

This January we will meet twice to discuss Frederic Neyrat’s decisive takedown of the anthropocene literature, The Unconstructable Earth. Our meeting dates and times are listed on the flier, but we’re still working out locations, so please email us at worldsapart@riseup.net for the latest information.