Friday Mar. 17th: The Undercommons (ch.1 &2)

On Friday March 17th, we will be engaging with the work of Fred Moten. We will listen to him read some of his poems about Ferguson, and discuss chapters one and two of his (and Harney’s) book The Undercommons. Printable and “read” versions are here:

Moten – The-Undercommons-Fugitive-Planning-Black-Study – READ

Moten – The Undercommons Fugitive Planning and Black Study (PRINT)

We will meet as usual at Breakaway Social Center. All are welcome. (please try to read in advance for this one). Tea, coffee and snacks provided.

note: For those with little familiarity with afropessimism or the thought of Frank Wilderson (with whom Moten is frequently in dialogue these days) we recommend checking out this interview with Wilderson [zine / listen], which provides a relatively accessible starting point. A rough overview of Afropessimist theory is also offered in part II of this zine